Time is Running Out for Free Valentine Book Giveaway!

Time’s running out! Make sure if you pass this along that you leave me a comment on my blog page. It’s right under the date at the beginning of the post.

Here’s my original offer… Here’s what you have to do to qualify…it’s easy. Just share my blog link on Facebook, Linked-in, Goodreads, Twitter, in an email or wherever you can and tell your friends how wonderful it is! Then reply to this post and tell me that you did. I am going to draw for a winner from the participants on Valentines Day just because I just LOVE the fact you’re enjoying my blog and sharing it! There are options at the bottom of the page for sharing, or just send the link…www.JustTryingToBeABlessing.com! It’s that simple!


2 thoughts on “Time is Running Out for Free Valentine Book Giveaway!

  1. I enjoyed your blog on believers being the salt of the earth using Brycen and little Miss Katie with the thick glasses. It reminded me that people are noticing me when I don’t notice them so I need to be careful what I do and say for I represent the Lord Jesus Christ.

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