Well, even though we can’t see them from our vantage point, it appears Lucy has laid some eggs!  Quite often she is seen wiggling her belly deep into her nest, making sure she is doing her job perfectly for the little ones to come.  Eggs hatch 14 days from when they are laid from what I’ve learned, so we should soon have some updates on that I suppose!  Hopefully the babies will be more visible than the eggs. Until then…we are just waiting and watching along with Lucy!  I’ve appreciated hearing from some of you who are enjoying hearing about Lucy’s adventures as well.   I’ll keep you posted!


3 thoughts on “Waiting!

  1. Love it.! When the eggs hatch, the nest will be a happening place. Mom and Pop both will be very busy feeding the chicks and disposing of waste. So exciting. Then watching as they grow and eventually leave the nest is amazing. There has got to be birds in heaven.

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