Lucy’s Babies Have Hatched! Let the Fun Begin!

I was very excited this morning to look out and see some furry feathered ball of fuzz peaking out over the edge of Lucy’s nest! Do you see it?
There’s no deadbeat daddy to these little ones! Dad is taking his job seriously!
This is gross but if I’m reporting the story, I have to tell all. Apparently the parents remove the fecal sacs deposited by their little bundles of joy, swallow them, and then spit them out somewhere else outside the nest. I don’t know about you, but #1 I could never imagine eating anything on the floor of my kids’ rooms, #2 I could barely smell a dirty diaper let alone swallow one, #3 In my wildest dreams, I could never be a bird.
Although there is only one mouth here, I have seen at least two at one time. I will let you know as time goes on if there are more.
Uh oh, I’ve been spotted! If looks could kill, I’d be dead!
This reminds me of a few teenagers I used to know! LOL!
The kids have been fed, the nest has been cleaned, now it’s time for momma to take a break. I hope none of those babies are claustrophobic!

4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Babies Have Hatched! Let the Fun Begin!

    1. Mary,
      It has been awesome watching from this view! I can’t wait until you all see what I’m sharing next week! It’s so much fun! Glad I could share it with you!

  1. wow! that was fun! you have a great camera and are a great photographer!!!! You should send the pics to BIRDS IN BLOOM magazine–I think that is the name of the magazine I used to get!

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