Pay Attention or You Might Just Get Boiled!

I hate not being able to stay on schedule.  This week as you may have noticed, my blog entry is late.  I typically always write it on Monday mornings before the week begins and before I am allowed to do anything else.  It’s just a discipline that I’ve put into place to make sure I get it done.  Otherwise, every week would be unpredictable and never on schedule…I know that about me.  However, this week, I had a wrench thrown into the plan and so here I am on Wednesday writing my blog!

Monday, I had to take my car into the dealership because three of my dashboard lights were lit up as of last week.  One of them was an engine light and so I felt an urgency to get it in and be assessed so I didn’t create more damage to the vehicle than it already had.  I absolutely hate taking a car in for repairs.  I always feel as though they see a woman and think, “Easy target, double the price, she’ll never know!”  If you are my FaceBook friend, you probably saw my post saying, “I feel like a lobster in a pot…comfy chairs, all the snacks and beverages I can consume, big screen tv, movie and popcorn upstairs in the cinema…but the heat arises as the clock ticks on learning the fate of my car…”.  Five hours later and another five hundred dollars out the door, I was on my way home with no more lights on the dash.  It was an exhausting day to say the least.

I should mention that when a live lobster is put into the pan to cook, he doesn’t really put up much of a fight.  The water is a pleasant temperature at first and it gradually increases to boiling.  The lobster doesn’t notice he is in danger because it is so gradual and he continues to grow accustomed to the greater temperatures.  Before he knows it though, it is too late and he is cooked.

Last night we went to bed early to read a little before falling asleep.  I had been reading a book titled, “Bring on the Blessings” by Beverly Jenkins for several weeks catching a page here and there.  However, I was determined that I would get the last thirty pages in before I called it a night this time.  The story was endearing but I had had enough and was ready to move on to something else.  I felt as though I had a lot invested in this book that appeared on all accounts to be written from a Christian viewpoint and was eager to reveal a happy ending.  The book ended happily but not without giving me a fitful sleep.  You see, it got to the last few pages and the star of the book was in a crisis.  It said, “(she)…had no card, all she had was a direct line to the Big Sister up above, and so she prayed.”  Ugh, spit, sputter, gag.  I couldn’t believe I had just given time to something that in my eyes utterly disrespected God!  Some of you may buy into the thought that God might be a female, but not me.  There is reference after reference referring to Him as our Father all throughout the Bible.  I don’t have to be a Bible scholar to understand and believe wholeheartedly He’s a male!  If I don’t believe He is a male after reading the Bible, then I probably shouldn’t believe anything else it says either.  I am not sure how much more specific that point could be in the text.  I immediately felt that anything I had read prior was null and void with this one sentence on the third to the last page.

Then it hit me.  Just as I felt like a lobster in a pot at the car dealership with all of the amenities they had provided for my enjoyment while I waited for the dreaded news, I need to have that same discernment when it is not as obvious to me.  I was entertained, energized, and even emotionally affected from time to time with this story that I had been reading all that time.  The title seemed “holy” and even some of the character names were Biblical!  I didn’t ever really give it my full attention because it was a so-so book, but the story was pleasant enough and hopeful so I continued to read.  I remember one time in the middle somewhere that it said something weird about God but I thought it must have been a typo or I read it wrong or something.  Not paying a lot of attention, I just kept moving through the book unconcerned.  I immediately had to ask forgiveness for giving such a writing my time and energy once I realized what I had been reading.  I had to ask myself that if I paid more attention would I have paused and discerned the first time when something written didn’t feel quite right?  Did my hopeless optimism bite me in the behind again?

I wonder though how many times in our Christian walks that we let evil things into our lives without knowing.  Perhaps we’re too busy or not really paying attention enough to actually notice it is there.  Maybe we know there is a chance a situation might not be in our best interest but we continue to hang in there because of all of the comforts and “fun things” that are surrounding it that make us think maybe it really isn’t as bad as we think.  Perhaps like me, you even felt a little stupid when you realized you actually were the “lobster in the pot” so to speak!

My challenge to you this week is that you will ask God to give you His Holy Spirit’s discernment in every situation you are in.  If something doesn’t feel right, chances are, God is saying, “Get out of the pot!”  Perhaps now before picking up a free book off of Amazon, I might stop and look at other things the author has written.  Had I looked around prior to reading the book, I would have certainly been paying more attention to the content I was consuming if I even read it at all.  In Matthew 10:16 (NKJV) the Bible says, Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  That is great wisdom along with a warning to watch out around us, being aware of evil surrounding that will try to suck us in every chance it gets.  My prayer is that this writing will help you in the days ahead as we all push through this world to our final destination…home with our FATHER in heaven.  Be blessed!


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