Are You Listening to What You Are Hearing?

We had house guests this weekend from out of state.  At breakfast, I was asking them how they slept and they said, “Great!”  Then the husband said, “I really enjoyed the birds this morning outside our window and of course I heard the train in the distance too.”   I thought to myself, “I used to hear those things too, but it’s funny, I don’t hear them much anymore.” 

As I sat down to write my blog this morning, I was overtaken by the beauty of the trees.  I’ve been accused of it not taking much to distract me or get me excited.  However, they truly were stunning today.  I tried to take a picture of the prettiest one but I just couldn’t possibly capture its full beauty in a mere photo.  No one paints a picture like God—not even Nikon!  As I continued to think about what I was going to write about, birds flitted by the window, were hanging on the side of the house and a squirrel was shaking the trees from one end to another as it chased a friend.  What an awesome picture.

Then I was reminded of our conversation the day before.  I decided to open the window and listen to this beautiful photo being played out in front of my eyes. 

Oh my!  As I listened, I heard the birds chirping loudly and some geese honking as they flew over.  I could hear the traffic rushing to and fro wherever their lives were taking them today.  Golf carts drove by and the clank of the club hitting the ball filled the air.  In the distance, I could hear the hammers of builders constructing another home across the fairway behind our house.  Then the sirens started ringing and the train horn blew.

Wow!  What world have I been living in?  I had grown so accustomed to my surroundings that I simply wasn’t hearing anything anymore.  I find myself going through life that way too sometimes.  I am very selective in my hearing one might say.  If it’s not positive and happy, I tend to not always hear or comprehend.  Some might think that is a gift…not always.  My A.D.D. also tends to draw my attention quickly away from things I maybe should focus on a while so that I might be effective in helping those in need around me.  It’s much easier to stay in my happy bubble versus getting involved in the uglies of someone’s world though.  It’s a two edged sword, really.  I am perfect to have around when everything looks dismal and impossible to overcome…I will always find the silver lining and encouraging words. However, don’t dwell on your trials and struggles too long around me.  It just isn’t my thing to sit around and whine all day over things we can’t control.  I’d rather be thankful for what is going right instead of crying about everything going wrong.

Once again, I hear God’s voice.  I feel He is telling me it is noble to dwell on the good and positive things, but I can’t get to the point where I am so positive that I can no longer hear the cries for help around me.  He has put us all on this planet in our certain neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and churches to reflect His beauty to others.  Sometimes even when it’s not comfortable, we need to open our windows and listenListen to our world around us.  Who is crying out for help that we didn’t even notice was there?  There will be those who flit past our radar as the birds did in this video.  How will we view them?  Are they silently saying, “Help!  Can you see me?  I need your attention!”  How will we react?  Will we look at them as an interruption in our otherwise beautiful world or will we take the time to listen to hear about how we can help?

I know this is an area that I need to focus on in my own life.  Maybe you have that problem too.  Sometimes I need to step out of my happy bubble long enough to invite someone to at least come and join me for the party!  Have you, like me, grown so accustomed to the pain, suffering, and noises of this hurting world that you no longer hear?  I challenge you to open your window so to speak and listen.  Listen to your world.  Listen to the Holy Spirit who wants to use you to make your world even more beautiful than you can imagine or do on your own.  For when God is invited to guide your hearing, something majestic evolves.  It’s a one of a kind portrait called your life that God’s touch can make absolutely stunning.  Are you listening?

Philippians 4:8 (NIV)  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Proverbs 1:5  …let the wise listen and add to their learning…


6 thoughts on “Are You Listening to What You Are Hearing?

  1. Hi Lori! Thank you for this. I tend to wrap myself in a bubble and forget that there are people out there who need to be comforted, helped and just have someone beside them.

  2. How true it is. Recently I was deep in my own hardship and loss and 4 words popped into my mind: “Serve Him with gladness.” It was a sentiment that cut right across how my life actually was. In fact it was heading in the other direction!

    Thanks for your post.

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