My Christmas Memories…

My favorite nativity scene on our mantle.
My favorite nativity on our mantle.

I am really stepping out of my comfort zone this time with a video.  It’s easy to hide behind my words that I get to go over and perfect every little thing.  But here I am…because I love Jesus…putting it all out there for the world to see!  I am sorry it’s a little longer, but I hope you’ll get a cup of coffee and sit around the fire with me while I share what’s on my heart this Christmas season!

Click here for the video of My Christmas Memories


4 thoughts on “My Christmas Memories…

  1. That was a very good testimony from your heart. You explained the way to salvation through Jesus Christ crystal clear. A job well done, Lori.
    Merry Christmas,
    Kathy Storrie

  2. Lori, that was beautiful! Also, I want to tell u how much we enjoyed your delicious Christmas cookies at Kim’s Christmas Eve – especially the thumbprints rolled in nuts. Yummy! Hope you and Jim have a great New Year!

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