We need to tell the world!COMMUNICATE, ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE are the three words that come to mind when Lori considers the calling God has on her life.  A gifted storyteller, Lori genuinely shares her life struggles and circumstances,  while passionately and often humorously, teaching God’s truths.  Speaking of humor, Lori’s ministry “Just Trying to Be a Blessing,” gets its name from her favorite saying when she is typically in trouble!

She is an Indiana Wesleyan University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in management.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to own her own small business, help start a crisis pregnancy center, plant a church, and write a best-selling book.  She speaks regularly for Stonecroft Ministries and for other organizations for special events, women’s retreats, luncheons and conferences.

She and her husband, Jim, have four grown children—two of his and two of hers—three of whom are married increasing their “kid count” to seven!  They also enjoy their seven grandchildren—God’s true blessings.  Lori’s interests are her current real estate career, photography, reading, traveling, pro-life ministries and of course, writing and speaking!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Lori,
    I just had my book “Simple Faith – Biblical Christianity in the culture of Religions and Secularism” published at the same Westbow Press las you. I see that you and I are “struggling” for the third place of the Westbow Best Seller List. One day you are ahead of me and the next day I am ahead. I am glad we are doing good both of us and I want to congratulate you on your success with your book!
    Hey! I just wanted to say “hi” and good luck to you….

    1. Thanks, Bo! It’s funny that you would look me up as I was doing the same thing seeing who my competition was! I held the #1 spot for about 10 days and didn’t get a screen shot. I’m trying desperatley to get back one more time so I can document it! I wish you the best on your book. Thanks so much for introducing yourself! Keep in touch! I’ll be watching you! LOL!

  2. Wow, sounds like you’ve accomplished so much! Congrats on your growing family! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and following me! Keep up the great work on your blog! By the way, I’ve always been fascinated with real estate. I watch too much HGTV! 🙂

  3. Keep up the great work on your blog! Thanks for stopping by and following me! You’ve definitely accomplished a lot it sounds like. Congrats on your growing family. By the way, I love real estate, I think I watch too much HGTV! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rick! I’ve often thought there should be support groups for HGTV addictions! I’m right there with you on that one! I love photography too so I know I will certainly enjoy your posts! Thanks for reading!

  4. Wow Lori! I didn’t realize you were up to all of these things. I saw the blog Deleted this morning on my Facebook and read it. Then I saw you were the writer. Congratulations on all that is happening in your life. And say hello to Jim from Phil and me.

  5. Lori, I just discovered you and I will be at the same conference next week. Plus that, who do I see in your comments trail is Bo Lange…he is a friend of mine! Small world. See you soon at CCC.

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