Really God?  OK!

Lori would be honored to talk with you to see how she might partner with you for your next special event, women’s retreat, luncheon or conference. Topics below can be one 30-40 minute talk or made into a series for a retreat. If you have an idea in mind and don’t see it here, Lori is open to talking with you. It might just be the next topic she will develop for your group and share with others.


Change Happens — Lori’s personal testimony is about how change happens whether we like it or not. Hear how deciding to follow Christ “changed” everything! This also includes the Gospel message and an invitation to accept Christ.

Exercise is Over-Rated and Other Excuses From a Middle-Aged Woman — No more excuses! As a person with Attention Deficit Disorder all of her life, Lori has learned to embrace and appreciate spiritual disciplines as she walks with Christ. An encouraging talk, full of humor, will motivate you to try again. A disciplined life can most certainly set you free.

Life Happens, LIVE IT UP! — Find joy, no matter what your circumstances. Lori’s life has taken many twists and turns like unexpected divorce and breast cancer to name a couple. In fact, everyone has a story, not just Lori. Be challenged to stop whining and start living as Lori helps to shine some humor on the things we allow to steal our joy. Life is just too short to waste it. The joy of the Lord is our strength!

One Baby at a Time — Inspiring and thought-provoking, Lori shares her passion for pro-life ministries.

If the Shoe Fits, Then What? — A Cinderella perspective on learning to live a faith-filled vs. a fairy tale life. Lori’s life quickly lost fairy tale status when her husband went to work one day and never returned. Rejected and abandoned, God took her on a journey to show her who she was in Him—a princess, His beloved! The story ends with a challenge for all of the princesses of the world to live for the King.

Speak Softly, Dream Big, Walk Boldly — How does a woman in this world hang onto her femininity while being the warrior God has called her to be? Sometimes the only barriers are the walls we allow in our lives. Helping women find self-worth, purpose & God’s power in their lives.


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