Why blog?

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to find my purpose and follow my passion. I think you can probably relate on some level as this seems to be a common struggle.   I have been a Christian for nearly 28 years and most of that time, I have wanted to write a book and share God’s goodness with everyone that comes my way.  It has literally taken those 28 years for God to get me to sit down long enough to write though, sadly to say.  I’ve been told by many I have a gift when I stand before an audience and speak.  I believe it is God given and I don’t want to ever take that for granted.  My prayer is that someone will buy my book someday and ask me to come speak encouragement to their friends and community.

Last fall, I began finding my energy levels leaving me.  In the past, I have been told perhaps I needed to be medicated because I never sat still for any period of time…I was always in motion onto my next great adventure.  When I started slowing down last fall, I began writing.  “Finally!,” I can hear God saying!  I know, God!  I tried several times, but it just never came.  But this past fall, it finally did.  God was blessing me with words to share and preparing me for the days ahead by giving me this time to reflect and get my life priorities in order.

Little did I know that my dwindling energy levels were actually going to take me to a place of non-activity for about 4 months this year.  It got so bad, all I was doing was going to doctor appointments and tests, and then running back home for a nap, as that was all I could accomplish in a day.  I couldn’t even enjoy an hour browsing the aisles of one of my favorite stores as it was more than my body was capable of doing at the time.

We’re still looking for answers, but as of 3 weeks ago tomorrow, I miraculously was back to normal.  All of the meds I was on were instantly no longer needed and I had a new lease on life.  I can say I was literally HIGH on life as I now knew what it was to not have my health and energy that I was accustomed to having all those years.  I now understand the blessing and grace I have been given through this life experience.

During my time of quiet, I was faced with fears of “Is this cancer?  Is this going to be what takes me out of this world?”  Secretly, if it were a tumor, I was hoping for a 30 pound benign tumor in my abdomen that would be removed and instantly, I would have my teenage figure back again!  LOL!  Truthfully, I was scared.  Not that I was scared to die–I look forward to heaven someday.  However, I was concerned that if I got there now, I had not done everything God had intended for me to do while on this earth.  I vowed, if I made it out of this one, I would work hard to finish my book and get moving on telling the world the message I was intended to share a long time ago, perhaps.

So why blog?  I think you know.  I am almost finished with my book that I am thinking about naming, “I’m Just Trying to Be a Blessing!” as those who know me know, it is one of my favorite lines.  I need to know that someone out there will hear my message and care to read it.  God hasn’t taken me through the tough life lessons I’ve been through to just keep the wisdom gained all to myself.  Rather, I think He has a plan.  Hopefully a plan that will bless you and encourage your walk in Christ.

You’ll have to excuse me if I make light of something you think I should take seriously.  I have found in my lifetime that not worrying over things is healthy.  If I can find the humor in my life situations, no matter how awful it may seem at the time, I win.  Laughter heals a lot of things and I try to keep it flowing as life hands me more than I really wanted or asked for in my time here.  So, with God’s grace, let’s take the time to look at life, disect it, and find the fun, no matter what we might be facing.  I pray that my words are inspirational along your life’s journey because…I’m just trying to be a blessing!