Who Of Us Is Sure We Will Be Here Tomorrow?

As tornadoes ripped through the Midwest on Friday, many in the Cincinnati area stayed close to the T.V. for updates on where the storms were headed.  Relatives from out of town checked in with us too in order to make sure that we weren’t in the path of the storms.  Personally, I looked out and didn’t see much activity so I continued with my planned activities not thinking too much about it all.  I did send the kids texts though and told them to be aware as the weather may take a turn for the worse.

This is not the first time in my life I’ve been very close to a life-taking tornado as I lived in Springfield, OH when the Xenia, OH storms came through back in 1974.  They killed 32 people that day.  I was walking home from school when my great aunt and uncle sped up to where we were and told us to get into the car fast as the tornadoes were near.  Again, I thought to myself, they are certainly over-reacting; it’s probably not that bad.  However, it was and it was not that far away.

I’ve been told that I often look at life as a glass half-full versus those whose glass is always half-empty.  I think this can be harmful sometimes especially in cases like these.  I walk through life never thinking anything will happen to me or those I love; when in fact we could all be taken away this instant if God chooses to do so.  As Christians, I don’t think this attitude is always healthy.  If we have the attitude that our unsaved friends and family will be here the next time we get together so we can tell them about Jesus then, it may be too late.  We can’t go through life thinking, “We always have tomorrow.”  I am sure there were many who woke up in cities like Henryville, Indiana or West Liberty, Kentucky, and never once thought Friday might be their last.

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the storms and I hope that I never personally have to experience such a loss in my lifetime.  However, I think this week of tornadoes and tragedy is a wake-up call for those of us walking through life carefree.  I am not saying that we need to be all about doom and gloom.  However, I am saying that we should live every day as though it is our last.  None of us know what tomorrow brings.  Who do you need to talk to today?

James 4:13-14 (NKJV) Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”;  whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Just as a note, there are many organizations taking donations for those affected by the storms.  Locally in Cincinnati, Matthew 25 Ministries is organizing an effort to help if you would like to drop off supplies or donate cash.  Visit their website to see items most in need.