Speaking Writing

Lori’s enthusiasm for her Lord and life is evident from the moment you see her. Deep in her knowledge, entertaining in her messages, and rich in her experiences, Lori grabs her audience with laughter and love, and then leads them to the foot of the cross. She truly lives her goal in life…to be a blessing to everyone she meets.

—Vonda Skelton, Founder and Co-director 
Christian Communicators Conference 
Author of Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe


Lori delights audiences with her humor, meaningful messages, and inspirational stories.

—Carolyn Knefely,
Co-founder at Christian Communicators



It amazes me how Lori can find God in all facets of life and how her positive attitude radiates through her writings. She truly IS a blessing.

—Mary Rawlins


Lori Kempton is an amazing woman of God whose call to speak for the Lord is evident. Her loving, joyful, gentle spirit is sure to not only  win the hearts of her audience but lead them closer to the heart of Jesus.

—Laurie Coombs, Author/Speaker,

Wow! Lori had me laughing, crying and feeling the wonderful love God has for each of us… The stories are rich with meaning, her emotions are genuine and her passion is deep.

-Karen Dorris Kolbu, Author
“Beginning: Developing a Lasting Devotional Practice”


…this simple book has enormous acts of faith, courage, strength and will add fortitude to your walk with God…

-Ann Sibley


It really has helped me have a better attitude about life!



Very inspirational and insightful!



Great, inspirational reading! I took it on my honeymoon and couldn’t put it down while at the beach.



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