If You See Me This Week, I Might Be Humming This Song…

Our pastor had a great sermon last Sunday and closed it with this song.  I thought I would share because I know I am not the only one who has a mountain in their life right now.  I would appreciate your prayers on Friday as I have a lumpectomy to begin my ridding of the cancer in my body.  I will be humming this song in my mind as I know…just a little bit of faith can change it all…it’s only a mountain!  Be blessed!

Only A Mountain


4 thoughts on “If You See Me This Week, I Might Be Humming This Song…

  1. Dear Lord God:
    Please continue to wrap your arms of love around Lori and her family as she goes through these next few days. Be with her as she goes through this surgery. You know all about her need. I just lift them up to you.Guide the doctor and his medical team as they work to help Lori through the procedure. We will be sure to give You the praise. In the name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN

    1. Thank you, Cecelia! I appreciated your beautiful prayer! I know God has it under control…but it’s heart-warming to know others are praying. Just as an FYI…your comments don’t always show up right away as I have to approve them before they publish. Some days I’m a little slower than others! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

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