I Need a Laxative!

flooded yard croppedDid you ever notice the older you get, the more free you are to talk about things like needing a laxative?  I feel that by this point, if you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know everything about me anyway, so why not?  The truth is, I don’t need just any ordinary laxative.  I need a blogger’s laxative!  The kind that unbinds my thoughts in my head and allows them to spill out more regularly! I apologize if you’ve missed my posts the last couple of weeks.  I do hope you get my humor enough to appreciate it and not judge me.  In the meantime, please excuse my irregularity.

The truth is, I’m always looking for the next God lesson in my life every day.  We drove past this house on our way home from church during some recent flooding.  I made Jim pull over so I could take a picture.  When I got home and looked at what I had taken, I was excited to see a beautiful photo with blue skies reflecting in the flooded front yard.  Even though I got a great shot, the purpose of taking it was really to get a picture of the ducks swimming around, as though they had just discovered a new pond all for themselves!  You can barely see them near the fence!

I am amused because it seems like if there is a new puddle somewhere, a duck will find it.  The ducks were swimming around, probably making plans in duck speak as to where to build their nest this year around this new body of water no one else had discovered yet.  However, if they stick around for any amount of time, they will quickly realize this pond will not sustain them.  It only looks like a pond.  It’s not really a pond. There are not going to be any fish for breakfast or algae for dinner under the beautifully deceptive, reflective body of water.  It is simply a large mud puddle.

I started thinking about that.  How many times have I been distracted by things that look like they’re the real thing only to find out I had once again been lead astray?  I remember one time reading a book that I felt had a great Christian message only to find in the last three paragraphs, it was a total deception!  I was so upset!  I had spent precious hours combing through its pages expecting a happy message in the end only to find disappointment and frustration.

Is there something in your life that is keeping you from the truth?  How many times have you told God, “I’m going to do it right this time, Lord,” only to be drawn off the path by the world’s deceptions?  If you think God has led you somewhere, take a look from all angles.  Don’t just look at it on the surface and settle for something that is not real.  God will lead you to the Living Waters, if you stay focused, get into His Word and seek his direction for your life.

So this week, may God show you the way to finding your pond full of life and nourishment for your soul so that your life might reflect the One that created it just for you!

Proverbs 27:19 As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

Romans 12:2 (NIV) Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


4 thoughts on “I Need a Laxative!

  1. Hi Lori! I can really relate to a topic like this. I also look around my life and try to find God in what I see. But I think sometimes I am trying too hard.

    It’s always scary to think that I have to find something to write about or…or what? Nothing is going to explode, it’s going to be ok!
    If you find a laxative that works, don’t forget to share it with your friends 🙂
    We might not even be aware, but we all could use one now and again.

    1. Hi Ceil!
      I feel bad that I am so far behind on your blogs and you’re so faithful to mine. I’ve got to get busy!

      I think I confused a lot of people with my statement. I was trying to say, I look for God everywhere. I don’t look for Him to write my next story. I just want to see Him at work in my life.

      I typically collect photos and/or information throughout a week and have no idea how God is going to use it all. Most of the time I don’t even know it will be part of the blog. He just prompts me at times. It’s kind of fun. However, if He doesn’t give me something that seems good enough to publish, I don’t blog that week. I think I have everyone thinking I’m worrying and fretting over trying to find my next story. LOL. I really didn’t mean that at all.

      If I find a good laxative for you bloggers who might need one along with me sometime, I’ll let you know! 🙂 Thanks for reading and for your comments!

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