Old Age Pains

Can I just be blunt? They say at my age, I usually say what’s on my mind anyway. My first impression as I’ve been in my 60’s now a couple of years is that getting old stinks. In my life, I’ve always been an “I can do anything” kind of girl. If I had a goal, there were no limitations as I seized every day.  In my 60’s I’m getting glimpses of what it means to get old like never before—old age pains. 

Is this what there is to life? You strive to do what you feel called to do and one day, you simply can’t do it anymore? Maybe there’s a lack of energy, physical limitation or no brain space left for new things. Nonetheless, the ability wains.

I was with a couple yesterday who were in their 70’s. They had been retired for a while. 

I said to them, “Encourage me! Tell me it gets better after retirement!” 

They both looked at each other and shook their heads no. Really? I’m almost a stranger and you can’t find a glimpse of encouragement for me? Even a small white lie just to keep me from jumping off the next cliff? (Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal.)

Then as I was leaving their home shocked and not encouraged, I turned on the radio. The lady on the radio said if you’re living for yourself or for your success, you’ll be discouraged. It’s when Jesus is front and center in your life calling the shots that there is joy. 

It’s hard for us to sometimes turn over the control. Even when we’ve been living for Jesus for years, there is a tendency to take over for ourselves again and again. As I go through my senior days, sporting my purple hair perhaps and saying what’s on my mind, I’m going to remind myself to let go. Let go of the control that I think frees me but actually holds me back. Let go of the need to do everything to perfection and be great at what I do. I’m going to let go and let God take control back. He’s not going to put me anywhere I shouldn’t be if I’m listening to Him. He’ll give me what I need wherever I am in life.

Over the many years I have served Him, He has never let me down. Today I trust He’s got this old age thing under control for me too. Just as He provided wisdom from a radio program, He will continue to give me what I need when I need it. I just need to look up and follow Him. 


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